Friday, December 9, 2011

Metal Orchestra

Hello ALL!!! 

SO recently (black friday) I ordered the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Metal Orchestra. This is the third KVD palette I have purchased. The first two were planned, this was a spontaneous splurge. This, like the other True Romance palettes, comes in a sleek black soft case adorned with super edgy fabulous artwork. Its the attention to detail that adds to the satisfaction of the purchase of this product.  I bought this from, and I got it on sale for $24. They were originally $34, and upon  trying to swatch the colors, I think I know why they were on sale...

The outside of the box has the same said artwork, and the box kind of opens like an accordion. Kind of cute little twist on just a regular box. 

On the inside of the box, the palette is wrapped in shimmery steel gray tissue paper and sealed with a foil "KVD" blue sticker.

The top of the palette has the artwork in gray, and where is says Kat Von D it is foiled blue writing.I think the entire line of the True Romance palettes are super cute. 

SOOO now we get to the REAL fun! The colors look stunning inside the palette, I was skeptical about buying a mostly blue palette just because when I think of blue eyeshadow, my brain tends to gravitate towards those women who love to pack on the "80's whore royal blue eyeshadow". Blues done right look fantastic, but when its bad, ITS ALLL BAD!!!!

 The colors in order from left to right are:
  • First Class (high shine shimmery white)
  • Techno (bright blue shimmer with glitter)
  • Thrasher (royal blue shimmer)
  • Dagger (dark navy blue with turquoise glitter)
  • Lucifer (deep dark matte black)
  • Glock (dark gun metal gray shimmer)
  • Razor Gray (light dusty gray shimmer)
  • Slayer (metal silver cream)

My overall thoughts are, little less then expected but still happy with the product. All the normal pressed shadows are wonderfully pigmented and very plush.They look as gorgeous on as they do in the palette. My only disappointment was in the cream shadow (Slayer). I was hard right out of the box, and I really had to manipulate the cream to even get some on my skin. Even then, it was so cakey! Its almost impossible to work with.It would have been a beautiful color to work with had it been easier to use (or better formula). Either way, just like the other KVD palettes, its very versatile. With just one palette, you can create many day and night looks, ranging from neutral to smokey and dramatic. The possibilities really are endless. I have a lot of fun with these, and they are very much go to product for daily use. Until next time...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kat Von D Palettes & Swatches ::pic heavy::

Back in early October, I purchased two of the Kat Von D palettes. Checking out the palettes available, I made the decision to get the Ludwig palette and True Love palette. Prior to my purchase, I did some YouTube research to kind of see what other youtubers/bloggers thought about them. There were some people that could not praise them enough! After receiving them, I now know why.  When I bought them from Sephora, the True Love palette was on sale for $24 (usually it would have been $34) and I got the Ludwig palette for $34. You will get more then your moneys worth! So how about we get into some pictures!



The Ludwig palette is AWESOME! There is many looks you can create with this one set, and never get bored, EVER! The colors from left to right are as follows:

-Lucifer (rich matte black)
-Orbi (goldish olive green shimmer)
-Dimebag (frosty mint green shimmer)
-Tequila (cream colored shimmer)
-Clay (neutral very light)
-Downtown (copper-ish tan shimmer)
-Baroque (chocolate shimmer)
-Leather (rich matte dark chocolate)

This swatch was done over Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (original). For almost ALL of my swatches, I swatch over a primer. In my opinion, primer should always be a part of a good eyeshadow look. If your going to take the time to apply eyeshadow, at least get the full power and intensity out of the colors. You might also notice you have to use less product when using a good primer/base.


This palette also has the same matte black color Lucifer. But unlike the Ludwig palette, this one has a cream shadow color. The colors for the True Love palette are as follows:
-Peanut (high shine champagne shimmer)
-Benji (coppery gold cream)
-Rebekah (milk chocolate brown shimmer w/ gold glitter)
-Lucifer (rich matte black)
-Cholita (burgundy shimmer)
-Skiba (frosty light purple shimmer w/silver glitter)
-Babe (lavender shimmer with blue notes)
-Missy (white w/blue duo-chrome)

As with the Ludwig palette, these colors were also swatched over a primer, that's just how I roll...

The packaging for these palettes was super cute. They came in accordion style boxes, as pictured. Also, they came wrapped inside the box in the gray steel colored shimmery tissue paper with a KVD sticker holding it closed. The case itself it very well made and sturdy, not to mention that silky, suede feel to the outside. Inside both cases, there is a HUGE mirror (which will be missed from her new cigarette style palette cases). The designs on the outside are also very cute. 
On the back it says (in english and french)

"A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery."
"Le smoky eye vons donne un air mystèrieux."

All the colors are very plush, smooth pressed eyesbadows. The only exception is the color Benji from the True Love palette. Upon watching videos and reading reviews, I heard a lot of people say their Benji dried out and was unusable. I have found this to be untrue or else my luck has turned around. The cream color is a little tricky to use, but it has yet to dry out and remains to be one of my fav colors from the set. It looks gorgeous as a liner of as just a shadow color alone. If I HAD to choose a favorite color from both palettes, my vote would be:

Orbi from the Ludwig palette
- It stands out so wonderfully on my blue eyes and is beautiful worn one its own. The finish is yummy for the lack of a better word.

Peanut from the True Love palette
-It is my go to high-light color. Super plush and shimmery, it makes any look stand out that much more. I love applying it to my inner eye and under my brow.

Overall, I am beyond satisfied with my purchase, the only...ONLY, complaint I think I could ever have is that the applicators that come in the palette are worthless. But then again, who ever uses applicators that come in sets unless its a full size nice brush...NO ONE!

I hope everyone finds this blog post useful, helpful and flat out wonderful.  Thanks for reading!
stay doll...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its gotten late...

It may be late, but I am not going to let that stop me right now. Happy Veterans Day to all, I hope everyone had a splendid day! I know I did. I came back from blow drying my hair and I saw that one of my FAVORITE make up companies, Sugarpill, had posted MY blog on thir FB page, I was super was wicked! Check it out..

Awesome right?! Anyways, on a side note,
I do have a picture of my EOTD for 11-11-11! It was very...

Also, here are my nails as of 11-11-11:

As far as a list of products used for both my eyes and nails, visit my Makeup Bee profile. Hope you all enjoyed this short and last minute blog entry. See ya soon! Stay Doll, Lovlies!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween EOTD

October being my favorite month of all year, its no wonder I have been such a very bad blogger.


 Anyways, I am here now to show off my Halloween eyeshadow of the day look. It is SO colorful and dramatic and daring, I created this look with some of my favorite Sugarpill products of all time.
SO...enjoy some pics!

 These are the Sugarpill Products I used:
  • Midori (pressed grassy green)
  • Tako (pressed super white)
  • Poison Plum (pressed deep & bright purple)
  • Bulletproof (pressed deep matte black)
  • Dollipop (pressed super hot pink)
  • Absinthe (loose acid-ee lime green)
  • Afterrparty(pressed electric shimmery blue is also pictured but was not used in this look)
The Sugarpill Palette shown in this picture was the discontinued "Cold Heart Palette." I am SO glad I got one before they were discontinued. I ordered the burning heart and cold heart so I could double up on poison plum. I ordered midori and dollipop singles instead of the sweetheart palette.

In the picture above I show everything that I used to:
prep my lids, define my bows, create the precise line
& line my eye-lid/waterline/tight-line
  • Scotch Tape
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original (I re-potted the product after the original "genie-esque bottle it came in snapped in half)
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  • MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil in Blonde
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
  • NYX Fabulous Lashes in Nostalgia #128
  • Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Black Drama

 In this picture I will show you The Body Needs products I used:

These are the products I used on my Face:

  • Revlon ColorStay in 240 Medium Beige
  • Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
  • L`Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush in  N 3-4 Innocent Flush
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW20

Here is a picture of my eye close up. I placed the tape at the end of my eye, lined up with the natural line on my bottom lash-line. I then applied my UDESPP on my lid, followed by a generous application of the NYX pencil in milk. I then patted the Midori on just my lid. Over that I smoothed on a layer of the Absinthe. Then from the outer corner I started to blend in the Poison Plum across my crease, followed by a light application of dollipop to blend it out to my brow. I then went in with the Bulletproof and applied that to the very corner down slightly into the midori/absinthe. I then put a tiny bit of the nyx milk under my brow/ inner corner of my eye to apply Tako under my brow and Shimmers Green in my inner corner. I applied the Orchid In Violet the blend the poison plum into the tako and blended the inner corner up just a bit. The last steps were to fill in my brows, line my eyes on my lid with the MAC Blacktrack, and line my waterline/tigh-line the top lash line with the UD pencil in zero. Last but not least, I added the lashes and blended my natural lashes in with the falsies mascara.

After I finished my eyeshadow, I removed the tape and proceed with my usual face make up regimen. I start with the Revlon smoothing primer, and apply a very thin and light layer. I then follow with my foundation (revlon colorstay), stipple it on with my foundation stippling brush. After that I brush on a light layer of the blush in passionate kisses and blend some of the true match blush over for a more flushed/shimmer look. Lastly, I set the remaining spots of my foundation with the MAC studio-fix powder.

As you can see in the next two pictures, I put my vampire fangs in that were used for my "Dr. Acula" costume. None of my halloween party pictures showed them off very well, so I decided to show them off here!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions
(weather for the look of future blog posts)
...leave it in a comment below!
Stay Doll, Lovelies!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Dark Passenger

I'm not sure how many of you readers are Dexter fans, but for the few that might be, YOUR AWESOME!! I only say that because if your a Dexter fan, you totally understood the title of my post. Dexter is a show on Showtime , its about a Blood Spatter Analyst/ Serial Killer named Dexter Morgan. While after seeing a look that inspired me, I decided to take it my own, horrific and twisted route. I named this look after the blood lust Dexter has for being a Vigilante, which he refers to as his "Dark Passenger". So, now that we are all on the same page, check it out:

Framing Hammer
Fake Blood

Nail Polishes used
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Without a Stitch"
Spatter(In this order):
Wet n' Wild in Nail Color "Black Creme"
Wet n' Wild Megalast Nail color in "Haze of Love"
Sinful Colors in "Ruby Ruby"
Top Coat:
PRO-FX Complete 3 Top Coat, Base Coat, Nail Strengthener

In order to create the "spatter" effect, I used a coffee straw, cut into three pieces for the three colors. 

After Applying the base, I used the coffee straws by dipping them into the polish, then blowing them on my nails, one color/nail at a time. For the base and the top coat, I wanted to use something more study as far as quality to retain the look as long as possible (or until I felt like taking it off), but for the spatter colors, I used inexpensive brands because they would be covered with top coat anyways. It took about 20 mins and made a giant mess (both on my hands and on the paper towels I laid down).


Really, I almost threw in the towel half way through because I wasn't up for cleaning up the big mess I was making. This was my first attempt with making a spatter look, and having done it once now, there are a few things I will be doing different next time to make it less messy (like tapping my fingers off and getting smaller straws). I hope you enjoyed this scary look that would be ideal for a gorey halloween look. Make sure to follow my blog! 
Stay doll. Lovelies!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Something happened to me a few weeks ago that I hope never happens to anyone else, frankly, because its super not cool. On this sad day, I was startled by something, and I dropped my 
Ben Nye "Ice" pigment. R.I.P. lost product.

It landed upside down on my sugarpill palette...
(which allowed me a way to salvage as much as possible)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Die Purple Eye

Oh my gosh! 
If you were in Barstow the last few nights, you would know we have been going through a HUGE thunder/lightening storm. Watching from my window, I get a glimmer of inspiration. The clouds were dark and the lightening would cut through like a warm knife to butter. The sky would light up this brilliant violent VIOLET! I loved I re-created it. Im keeping this short and sweet, only one pic, so I hope you enjoy!! 

Products Used:
Sugarpill Poison Plum, Tako and Paperdoll
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
The Body Needs Blackened Violet
Ben Nye Ice

Stay doll, LOVELIES!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Today is Labor Day, so with that being said, maybe I should WORK on getting this new look posted to my blog! This look was not only posted on The Makeup Bee by me but...BUT the page from was re-posted by SUGARPILL COSMETICS on facebook and, AND, also re-tweeted by sugarpill on twitter. Thus far, that was one of the most exciting moments as far as my make-up work goes! I was super happy.

SO today I am posting my EOTD look from Sept. 3rd 2011. I'm posting it just a few days late becuase I went with a haul blog yesterday. I wanted to spread them out a little instead of posting two posts in a day. So on saturday (9/3/11) I was about to get in the shower. Being the OCD freak I am, I needed to lay out what I was going to wear after I got out. I went with some shorts and my favorite Sublime shirt. 

The bright green wording on it reminded me of one of my newest sugarpill purchases (which was still like 5 months ago). Sugarpill has this Loose Eyeshadow called "Absinthe". It's a yummy, bright, acid-ee green! It will have you seeing "Little Green Fairies" all day!

The products I used were:
-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk"
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Cottage Cheese"
-MAC Pigment "Vanilla"
-The Body Needs Pigment "Lemon-Lime"
-The Body Needs Pigment "Lemon Drop"
-Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Absinthe"
-Sugarpill Pressed Shadow "Tako"
-MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"
-MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil "Blonde"
-Maybelline Falsies Winged Mascara "Blackest Black"

Here are some pics of the look up close:

Creating this look was lots of fun and the colors were delicious! So until my next moment of brilliance, I leave you with this! Stay doll, LOVELIES!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Makeup Geek Haulage

Hey zom'b lovers! This is officially my very first Haul blog post! As you could probably tell by the title, its from the makeup geek online store. The haul contains products I got from two separate orders, just added them together becuase I was waiting to get my new camera and in the meantime I got more stuff from her store. The owner/creator, Marlena, is such (as far as I can tell from her videos) a very sweet person and she does EXCELLENT video tutorials. Everything is simple enough for even beginners to be successful in creating either gorgeous, edgy, colorful or neutral looks. So without any further adieu, lets get started!
The First thing I want to talk about is the brushes. She has her own line of make-up brushes. They are all very good quality brushes, very VERY reasonably priced for the product you are getting.  These are the ones I got:

-MUG Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush
-MUG Crease Brush
-MUG SMall Crease Brush
-MUG Pointed Crease Brush
-MUG Deluxe Outer-V Brush
-MUG Stiff Dome Brush (MAC 217 Dupe)

Next we can start in with ALL the NYX products I got. I just want to mention something about the palette shown in the picture. The one I chose was very similar as far as colors to a Kat Von D palette I was looking at on Sephora's site, when I saw the NYX one I was pretty excited because I do enjoy the texture of their pressed shadows. Here is a complete list:

-NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette "The Runway Collection" in Champagne & Caviar
-NYX Professional Makeup Puff
-NYX Pressed Shadow in Sahara
-NYX Pressed Shadow in High Light
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cherry

What is next is the Ben Nye pigments I got. I have heard a lot about their pigments so when I saw that Make-Up geek sold samples of them, I ordered a couple to try.  The two I got were:

-Ben Nye Loose Pigment in Cherry Red
-Ben Nye Loose Pigment in Ice

Here is a swatched pic of the pigments (dry and with my homemade mixing medium)

AND Last but DEFINITELY not least...SUGARPILL!!!! YAY! *Applause in background* I simply ADORE Amy, and she has created a very beautiful monster when it comes to her Sugarpill Empire!! Some of the MOST brilliant colors, my fav. eyeshadow brand as of right now and just all around the CUTEST stuff on the market! Sugarpill has solely made it my personal mission to make it to IMATS 2012 JUST to visit that booth and meet Amy! (OK STALKER!) LOL! I was on make up geeks store page and noticed she not only sells the Chromalust Loose Pigments, but she also samples some of them out. With that said, I picked up a few of them that I didnt already have the full sizes off. Here is a list of those:

-Sugarpill Chroma Lust Loose Shadow in Magentric
-Sugarpill Chroma Lust Loose Shadow in Paperdoll
-Sugarpill Chroma Lust Loose Shadow in Starling
-Sugarpill Chroma Lust Loose Shadow in Magpie

 Here is a swatched pic of the pigments (dry and with my homemade mixing medium) 

I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did, I love having new things to work with, makes this ZoMbEa HAPPY!! Stay doll, Lovlies!