Friday, December 9, 2011

Metal Orchestra

Hello ALL!!! 

SO recently (black friday) I ordered the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Metal Orchestra. This is the third KVD palette I have purchased. The first two were planned, this was a spontaneous splurge. This, like the other True Romance palettes, comes in a sleek black soft case adorned with super edgy fabulous artwork. Its the attention to detail that adds to the satisfaction of the purchase of this product.  I bought this from, and I got it on sale for $24. They were originally $34, and upon  trying to swatch the colors, I think I know why they were on sale...

The outside of the box has the same said artwork, and the box kind of opens like an accordion. Kind of cute little twist on just a regular box. 

On the inside of the box, the palette is wrapped in shimmery steel gray tissue paper and sealed with a foil "KVD" blue sticker.

The top of the palette has the artwork in gray, and where is says Kat Von D it is foiled blue writing.I think the entire line of the True Romance palettes are super cute. 

SOOO now we get to the REAL fun! The colors look stunning inside the palette, I was skeptical about buying a mostly blue palette just because when I think of blue eyeshadow, my brain tends to gravitate towards those women who love to pack on the "80's whore royal blue eyeshadow". Blues done right look fantastic, but when its bad, ITS ALLL BAD!!!!

 The colors in order from left to right are:
  • First Class (high shine shimmery white)
  • Techno (bright blue shimmer with glitter)
  • Thrasher (royal blue shimmer)
  • Dagger (dark navy blue with turquoise glitter)
  • Lucifer (deep dark matte black)
  • Glock (dark gun metal gray shimmer)
  • Razor Gray (light dusty gray shimmer)
  • Slayer (metal silver cream)

My overall thoughts are, little less then expected but still happy with the product. All the normal pressed shadows are wonderfully pigmented and very plush.They look as gorgeous on as they do in the palette. My only disappointment was in the cream shadow (Slayer). I was hard right out of the box, and I really had to manipulate the cream to even get some on my skin. Even then, it was so cakey! Its almost impossible to work with.It would have been a beautiful color to work with had it been easier to use (or better formula). Either way, just like the other KVD palettes, its very versatile. With just one palette, you can create many day and night looks, ranging from neutral to smokey and dramatic. The possibilities really are endless. I have a lot of fun with these, and they are very much go to product for daily use. Until next time...