Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nail Polish Rack ::homemade::

Calling all nail polish fanatics! 

I was sitting around interwebs and my  bestie sent me a link to another blog where this girl had her dad build her a nail polish rack. For months and months I had been looking for a rack that I could hang on the wall. To no avail, did I find one I would like. I would find a nice acrylic one, but it would be way pricy. I would also find dinky wall hanging displays, but they just were not meant for volume. One day I saw one in a catalog from one of my vendors I buy from at work. They had one that was really not meant for a wall, but I figured at the time it was better then nothing. It was a graduated, kind of stair step design. I put it together and it was ok for a while, but it soon was over flowing, and was too bulky to sit on top of ANYTHING!! I did do a previous blog entry showing pictures of it, Here is the LINK to that entry. 

Well after seeing what this girls dad built for her, I figured my brother, being as handy as he is, could build one better. The original one was built with wood, that over time could start to splinter and bow. Mine is made from something else but I cant think of what its called. I bought all the materials which was less then $35 bucks including the pricy paint. I think my finished product came out WAY better, so here are the pictures of what I have now! Enjoy :)

This was what it looked like before I painted it. Sorry for picture quality (cell phone picture). I was so sad knowing I was going to have to wait longer to get to use it, it still needed to be painted. My brother primed it with white spray primer and I painted it with a Martha Stewart Glitter Specialty Finish paint. Pictured below:

This is what it looked like after it was painted and hung, my brother just anchored it with some screws right into the studs of the wall. That thing can hold some serious weight and isn't going anywhere!!

In the top, I store a lot of make up (mostly becuase I haven't acquired enough nail polish to fill it with JUST nail polish). This makes it easier to get to some things faster, rather then pulling out my train case and grabbing stuff from that.

This is my nail polish collection as of right now and as you can see I have room for 70+ bottles with plenty of room to go.  I love being able to display my nail polish in a nicer, cuter way, less bulky too!

 And for those of you who are wondering, its not very deep either.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, you know what to do

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Ipsy Vs. Birchbox

Well for starters, I would like to say hello, and happy New Years to everyone! I do realize it has been a long time since seeing me around these parts, but the latter half of 2012 was less then stellar for me. Needless to say Im here now and ready to make 2013 better by far!

When I first started up with Ipsy (formally known as Myglam) and Birchbox, I had every intention on doing comparison posts. Considering I have been with each company since April 2012, and never did one, my intentions have not come to fruition until now! Better late then never I say...

This month, I received both my Ipsy bag and Birchbox on the same day, and I don't know about anyone else, but it felt like christmas alllll over again!

So starting with my Birchbox, the theme of this months box was all about a new you for the new year. Kind of cliche but great none the less.

I added a picture of the contents,  plus what was in packaging that you couldnt see.

What I received was (all wording from the card provided):

  • Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo- Gentle enough for everyday use, this cleanser has a low-suds formula that removes buildup without stripping hair of essential oils. 
 I have only tried the perfume sample so far. It smells better to me in the tube,  but does not mesh well with my body chemistry and  kind of turns when I wear it, most likely will be passing that on to someone else. I am always excited to receive a moisturizer sample becuase I'm constantly hunting down a better one then the last (but aren't all women ;) ). The Eyeko liner is also exciting becuase I wear liner everyday I wear make up, and if it lives up to the "user-friendly" statement, I will be very pleased. Anything that makes my life easier is welcomed, especially if it might save me some time in the morning getting ready for work. Shampoo is not usually something I like seeing in my box but seeing as how its clarifying shampoo, I might save it until its starts getting warmer,  and oil and build up worsens (lovely living in the desert). And finally, the beauty extra, ugh... That is all that comes to mind. It does say that it contains acetone so its got that going for it, but I'm not giving up plain nail grade acetone for these things anytime soon. I understand the concept...but its not something I would buy.

Next, we have the Ipsy Bag. This months theme was "Super Stars" . In with the box, on a card, thay are offering a special deal with each item that was in the bag.

Here is a list of what I got:
I cant complain at all. This months bag was great! The bag was also cute by the way... First off, I love getting new brushes, and you can never have too many. The last Soho brush I received was one I had purchased a few months before getting one from ipsy (so I passed it on to my bestie) but it was an awesome brush and I still use it quite often. I can not wait to try this one. I am also happy to see red nail polish, I am a fan of red (more so with lip stick but nail polish is just as nice to get). The blood orange body butter smells amazing, and already has a home come tuesday in my desk drawer at work. The argan oil is something completely foreign to me. I have never used anything like it but upon doing a little bit of research, I found it has many uses, one I'm interested to try is as a way to soften lashes run down and britle from mascara. Lastly we have the hair spray. I have thin hair so knowing its good for all hair types is good. This will be going in my car for the "oh crap I was running late and forgot to spray these pesky fly aways..." days. Thanks Ipsy!
So overall, I think if I HAD to choose a favorite item from the two would be the Eyeko Liner. I am always striving to perfect that timeless and precise skinny line across my eye and if this can deliver, its a home run! Hope you enjoyed reading! 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Sugarpill::Heart Breaker

 As many of you Sugarpill freaks know, they just released their new palette, The Heart Breaker Palette, May 18th. I was pretty excited about it. I ordered mine at 12:15 am on the 18th, kind of expecting it to sell out quickly. Needless to say, I was happy with the purchase, but even MORE happy when I finally got it. No, you will not see un-boxing pics becuase that's just boring. Rather, I did some comparison shots compared to my other two Sugarpill palettes (The Cold Heart and Burning Heart palettes). SO without further adieu, let the fun begin!

  Like always, I got a free sticker with my palette as well as a sample of magentric which wont be pictured becuase I gave it away before I took pics. I really like the new stickers too!! 

The picture below is one of the old box compared to the new box. (I wrote on my boxes becuase the burning heart and cold heart palettes were impossible to decipher from the outside which was which)

Very cute packaging to say the least...I like that they used the word "delicious" becuase they really are!!

I am loving the blue instead of the pink on the new palette too! Glad to see them change more then the just the colors inside...

This is a no flash picture. The colors by name are (clockwise from the top):
  •  Acidberry- A super neon chartruse green matte shadow. I will say this one is my fav color in the whole palette.
  • Velocity- A deep royal blue matte shadow, reminds me of a pressed, non-sparkly version of royal sugar.
  • Mochi- A light seafoam green with a silver sheen. I would love an old chevy painted this exact color...
  • 2am- Light red based purple magenta with a tiny hint of blue, sparkly sheen.

In the next picture, I took the new Heart Breaker  palette and put it next to my Cold Heart palette. I mainly did this so that everyone could compare 2am to poison plum, and velocity to afterparty.

This is a close up of the pans with flash. This is a good picture to see the blueish sheen in the 2am and silvery sheen in the Mochi.  Acidberry and Velocity appear to have some sheen, but I dont think they do, they apply very matte.

One thing I did notice about this palette is that 3 out of 4 of the colors are kind of powdery upon swatching. Later, I used it for a look to put on this blog, and they applied with very little to no fallout which was good for me. I was a little worried with I saw how dusty they were. Ended up being not being a big deal...

This picture was before I blew the access off...

AFTER I blew off the powder. My swatch was done over dry skin, no primer. Also, with no flash in natural sunlight. Even for being on dry skin, they are very pigmented and velvety. 

Lastly, this is the look I created only using colors from this palette. The colors are wonderful to work with, easy to blend and build-able.  The only editing I did to this pic was a crop. Those are true to the color with a flash.

I hope you all loved this review and my swatches. <3 ya!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sugarpill's 2nd Anniversary Goodies

Look what I got in the mail last saturday!

Sugarpill was having a sale on the Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows and Palettes to celebrate their 2nd birthday! It was cute becuase the coupon code was "Cake". I have somewhat of an obsession with this independent indie makeup company straight outta Cali! How could I resist splurging?! I don't know becuase I couldn't LOL! I already have all the pressed shadows, BUT I am still working on my Chromalust collection. I did pick up three more and got some lashes, not to mention some more stickers. I also got a second sample of Lumi.


So lets get into what I got. The first one up is Tiara. This is a brilliant, shinny silver. Can't wait to dazzle up some looks using this color. 

The swatch was done dry, with no primer. The picture on the left was taken inside, with flash. The picture on the right is done in sunlight to capture some of the sparkle in natural light.


The next color up is Weekender. This color is a vivid violet, with some pink and blue glitters. Its really pretty, and I see it being a wonderful addition to a dramatic smokey eye.

The swatch was done dry, with no primer. The picture on the left was taken inside, with flash. The picture on the right is done in sunlight to capture some of the sparkle in natural light.


This next color is the one I was most excited about. I have been waiting forever and EVER to finally buy this color. Every time I watched/read a review, there is nothing bad to say. Its simply gorgeous!!! If you have not guessed already, I was talking about the famous GOLDILUX!! This is a high shine gold dust. The color is an amazing, lovely pigment that glitters for days! I am in love.

The swatch was done dry, with no primer. The picture on the left was taken inside, with flash. The picture on the right is done in sunlight to capture some of the sparkle in natural light.


This was the first time I got lashes from them. They just recently added a bunch of new lashes, so I was curious. I went with something more natural looking. Sure, I get fake lashes are far from natural, but I wanted something to enhance what I already have going. I went with the "Saint" set. They are full and fluffy. I am going to wait until I pick up some good adhesive before I try to apply them. So, what do you think?! GORG right?!

I also got an extra "Sugarpill" logo sticker, and one of the new Kitty w/the pill
stickers (large). They are so cute, but I don't know where to put them! Maybe over my desk at work :D

Last picture is of my Lumi sample. I love how they do the samples. Despite how much might look like is in the little baggie, there's enough for more then a few applications. This is the second time I have received a sample of Lumi, so I decided to give it to my bestie. Hope she loves it as much as I love this line. I can not wait to collect all the loose shadows!!

I hope you all enjoyed! Questions, comments and compliments all loved! 
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Urban Decay Clearance Mini-Haul

I wanted to show you some things I got from Urban Decays clearance section on their website. Both products purchased were marked down beyond NOT indulging! So I did just that...with shipping included I only paid about $22 for both and it came with a cool free sample. So enjoy the pics to come...

What I purchased was the 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Duo (in Whiskey and Flipside) + The Grindhouse Sharpener and Matte eyeshadow in Chronic. The free sample I got was the Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie smart card.


 The Duo pencils in Whiskey & Flipside. Whiskey is a rich, chocolate brown, and Flipside is a bright, aquamarine blue thats kind of shimmery. These pencils work great for lining your lid to add color, as a base to add color and dimension to eyeshadow, and they even work great on your waterline. 

Originally this set was $29, I got it for $12. What a great deal since the sharpener sold separately is $10. Steal!


The Matte Eyeshadow in Chronic is a lime green matte eyeshadow. In the pan, it looks like it has some light blueish green shimmer, but once applied I couldn't see it. Its very plush in texture, and very VERY pigmented. This swatch was on dry skin, no primer.  This was originally $17, I got it for $3!!! WHOA, I know...


My free sample was of this cream blush. Its kind of funny I got it becuase for a few weeks I was pondering the thought of a cream blush, and I had never tried one before. After opening and trying it, I was hooked. At first, I was kind of shocked to see the color and thought "Wow, what am I going to do with this HOT PINK blush?!" But once I tried it, its a lot more sheer. With just a dab, I applied it over my foundation the last few days, and I'm in love. I want to buy this product full size, but in a peach tone. Its super easy to blend and buildable. Definitely some good marketing UD, you got me!

I hope you all enjoyed and remember, if you haven't already done so, please follow me!
 Always appreciated <3

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Polish Storage Solution

 Today's entry is about a recent purchase I made in order to keep my small polish collection in check. Its just the right size for what I have, and if I get more, I just have to give older ones away to make room for the new.  There is no sense in having so much that I will never use it all. I purchased this rack for about $30 and change, and I really could not really see myself committing to one of those $60+ wall racks. I love this product and I can not wait to get my desk back in my room so it can be proudly displayed on it. I have two different angles of the rack, and if you have any questions about colors you see, please feel free to ask about what they were. Honestly, it would have been just WAY too time consuming to list every single color here. Following the pictures of the display rack, I took a picture of my latest and greatest buys (which names I will list). Hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow! 

1. China Glaze #872 in Pool Party is a HOT HOT HOT pink! I love this color, After all hot pink is my favorite color. It dries to a matte finish but with some top coat it shines for days. I adore this color and I think its a must have for all California girls :) This polishes name reminds me of an Aquabats song

"Pool party baby
It was a cool party
Cool pool party
La la la la
Pool party baby"

2. Revlon Top Speed #730 in Royal, I had been searching forever and ever for a royal blue nail polish that had no shimmer. I wanted for a color forms look I have been contemplating.  I found this one on a fluke at rite-aid one night. So glad I found it, it dries to a perfect primary blue. 

3. OPI Nicki Minaj Collection #N16 in Pink Friday, I love this color. It dries to a shiny bubble-gum pink. Its adorable! What more can I say...

4. Essie Luxeffects #954 in A Cut Above, this is a rosy pink metallic flecks. Its really cute to layer for a disco ball effect, or to top coat over color. Super cute and fun.

5. Hard Candy Matte Top Coat #324 in Matte-ly in Love. I bought this on a whim, saying if it worked, great, if not it was worth trying right?! It does work and very well. Opposed to matte finish polishes which you can not apply a top coat over (becuase that would basically defeat the purpose of matte finish polish in the first place), you can apply your polish, top coat it and then use this over the top coat so your color is protected and its matte. I have used it on many occasions and it turns out lovely every time.

Enjoy <3