Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Polish Storage Solution

 Today's entry is about a recent purchase I made in order to keep my small polish collection in check. Its just the right size for what I have, and if I get more, I just have to give older ones away to make room for the new.  There is no sense in having so much that I will never use it all. I purchased this rack for about $30 and change, and I really could not really see myself committing to one of those $60+ wall racks. I love this product and I can not wait to get my desk back in my room so it can be proudly displayed on it. I have two different angles of the rack, and if you have any questions about colors you see, please feel free to ask about what they were. Honestly, it would have been just WAY too time consuming to list every single color here. Following the pictures of the display rack, I took a picture of my latest and greatest buys (which names I will list). Hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow! 

1. China Glaze #872 in Pool Party is a HOT HOT HOT pink! I love this color, After all hot pink is my favorite color. It dries to a matte finish but with some top coat it shines for days. I adore this color and I think its a must have for all California girls :) This polishes name reminds me of an Aquabats song

"Pool party baby
It was a cool party
Cool pool party
La la la la
Pool party baby"

2. Revlon Top Speed #730 in Royal, I had been searching forever and ever for a royal blue nail polish that had no shimmer. I wanted for a color forms look I have been contemplating.  I found this one on a fluke at rite-aid one night. So glad I found it, it dries to a perfect primary blue. 

3. OPI Nicki Minaj Collection #N16 in Pink Friday, I love this color. It dries to a shiny bubble-gum pink. Its adorable! What more can I say...

4. Essie Luxeffects #954 in A Cut Above, this is a rosy pink metallic flecks. Its really cute to layer for a disco ball effect, or to top coat over color. Super cute and fun.

5. Hard Candy Matte Top Coat #324 in Matte-ly in Love. I bought this on a whim, saying if it worked, great, if not it was worth trying right?! It does work and very well. Opposed to matte finish polishes which you can not apply a top coat over (becuase that would basically defeat the purpose of matte finish polish in the first place), you can apply your polish, top coat it and then use this over the top coat so your color is protected and its matte. I have used it on many occasions and it turns out lovely every time.

Enjoy <3

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