Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Polish

Well its a new year and time for some reviews and swatches on new products. To break the ice for 2012, I am doing a short review for the Nicki Minaj Collection of OPI Nail Polishes. As of right now, I
 only have the three solid shades. I was not really impressed too much in the glitter polishes or the shatter polish. The three shades I did buy (from Ulta) are "Pink Friday" which is a very fun bubble-gum pink, "Did it on 'em", a bright lime green, and "Fly" which is a beautiful teal. Going into the purchase, I 
 already had my heart set on loving Pink Friday the most becuase one, I have been looking for a pink JUST LIKE THIS FOREVER. The color payoff for the amount of coats applied is what I wanted exactly. And second, becuase pink is my favorite color. After I applied two coats on my nail to swatch, I loved them all! They are very cohesive as a collection, and I can't wait to do my nails with them. They could easily all be worn at the same time! Very gorgeous 3-peice set so lets see some pics...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know. It looks messy but was only for swatching purposes people!

These are the polishes after just two coats without a topcoat. In order from left to right is Pink Friday, Did It On 'Em and Fly.

So there they are, have any questions or comments, you know what to do. Stay doll....


  1. loving all the colours - really like 'Fly'
    lovely post and blog!


  2. love the Fly. looks amazing. please follow back. :)


  3. Lovely shades for spring!

  4. pink friday is SUCH an amazing colour...i don't know what makes it perfect but thats what it is!!