Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nail Polish Rack ::homemade::

Calling all nail polish fanatics! 

I was sitting around interwebs and my  bestie sent me a link to another blog where this girl had her dad build her a nail polish rack. For months and months I had been looking for a rack that I could hang on the wall. To no avail, did I find one I would like. I would find a nice acrylic one, but it would be way pricy. I would also find dinky wall hanging displays, but they just were not meant for volume. One day I saw one in a catalog from one of my vendors I buy from at work. They had one that was really not meant for a wall, but I figured at the time it was better then nothing. It was a graduated, kind of stair step design. I put it together and it was ok for a while, but it soon was over flowing, and was too bulky to sit on top of ANYTHING!! I did do a previous blog entry showing pictures of it, Here is the LINK to that entry. 

Well after seeing what this girls dad built for her, I figured my brother, being as handy as he is, could build one better. The original one was built with wood, that over time could start to splinter and bow. Mine is made from something else but I cant think of what its called. I bought all the materials which was less then $35 bucks including the pricy paint. I think my finished product came out WAY better, so here are the pictures of what I have now! Enjoy :)

This was what it looked like before I painted it. Sorry for picture quality (cell phone picture). I was so sad knowing I was going to have to wait longer to get to use it, it still needed to be painted. My brother primed it with white spray primer and I painted it with a Martha Stewart Glitter Specialty Finish paint. Pictured below:

This is what it looked like after it was painted and hung, my brother just anchored it with some screws right into the studs of the wall. That thing can hold some serious weight and isn't going anywhere!!

In the top, I store a lot of make up (mostly becuase I haven't acquired enough nail polish to fill it with JUST nail polish). This makes it easier to get to some things faster, rather then pulling out my train case and grabbing stuff from that.

This is my nail polish collection as of right now and as you can see I have room for 70+ bottles with plenty of room to go.  I love being able to display my nail polish in a nicer, cuter way, less bulky too!

 And for those of you who are wondering, its not very deep either.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, you know what to do

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  1. Holy wow, that looks AWESOME (and very organized!). Jealous! :)