Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Ipsy Vs. Birchbox

Well for starters, I would like to say hello, and happy New Years to everyone! I do realize it has been a long time since seeing me around these parts, but the latter half of 2012 was less then stellar for me. Needless to say Im here now and ready to make 2013 better by far!

When I first started up with Ipsy (formally known as Myglam) and Birchbox, I had every intention on doing comparison posts. Considering I have been with each company since April 2012, and never did one, my intentions have not come to fruition until now! Better late then never I say...

This month, I received both my Ipsy bag and Birchbox on the same day, and I don't know about anyone else, but it felt like christmas alllll over again!

So starting with my Birchbox, the theme of this months box was all about a new you for the new year. Kind of cliche but great none the less.

I added a picture of the contents,  plus what was in packaging that you couldnt see.

What I received was (all wording from the card provided):

  • Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo- Gentle enough for everyday use, this cleanser has a low-suds formula that removes buildup without stripping hair of essential oils. 
 I have only tried the perfume sample so far. It smells better to me in the tube,  but does not mesh well with my body chemistry and  kind of turns when I wear it, most likely will be passing that on to someone else. I am always excited to receive a moisturizer sample becuase I'm constantly hunting down a better one then the last (but aren't all women ;) ). The Eyeko liner is also exciting becuase I wear liner everyday I wear make up, and if it lives up to the "user-friendly" statement, I will be very pleased. Anything that makes my life easier is welcomed, especially if it might save me some time in the morning getting ready for work. Shampoo is not usually something I like seeing in my box but seeing as how its clarifying shampoo, I might save it until its starts getting warmer,  and oil and build up worsens (lovely living in the desert). And finally, the beauty extra, ugh... That is all that comes to mind. It does say that it contains acetone so its got that going for it, but I'm not giving up plain nail grade acetone for these things anytime soon. I understand the concept...but its not something I would buy.

Next, we have the Ipsy Bag. This months theme was "Super Stars" . In with the box, on a card, thay are offering a special deal with each item that was in the bag.

Here is a list of what I got:
I cant complain at all. This months bag was great! The bag was also cute by the way... First off, I love getting new brushes, and you can never have too many. The last Soho brush I received was one I had purchased a few months before getting one from ipsy (so I passed it on to my bestie) but it was an awesome brush and I still use it quite often. I can not wait to try this one. I am also happy to see red nail polish, I am a fan of red (more so with lip stick but nail polish is just as nice to get). The blood orange body butter smells amazing, and already has a home come tuesday in my desk drawer at work. The argan oil is something completely foreign to me. I have never used anything like it but upon doing a little bit of research, I found it has many uses, one I'm interested to try is as a way to soften lashes run down and britle from mascara. Lastly we have the hair spray. I have thin hair so knowing its good for all hair types is good. This will be going in my car for the "oh crap I was running late and forgot to spray these pesky fly aways..." days. Thanks Ipsy!
So overall, I think if I HAD to choose a favorite item from the two would be the Eyeko Liner. I am always striving to perfect that timeless and precise skinny line across my eye and if this can deliver, its a home run! Hope you enjoyed reading! 



  1. I was skeptical about trying it on my faceas a moisturizer because I have oily and sensitive sking well I been trying it 3 days in arow and my asking feels better since I usually break out with anything I put on my face buts since this is natural and 100% pure aragan oil I didn't. Is good for hair and cuticles and also to take oil baths, but since its kind of pricey I would repurchase again but only use it on my face.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes, I am also skeptical about trying in on my face as a moisturizer becuase I'm prone to breaking out. I am going to try it friday after work, just applying it after a wash my face in the evening. I am also going to try it on my cuticles becuase they get pretty wrecked from cleaning/dishes.

  2. For the argan oil, you can use it in your hair, face, cuticles, etc. It's definitely a multi-tasker product. :) Also, you don't need to use a lot. For me, I used 3 drops for my whole face, 1 drop for my cuticles on one hand (so I use 2 drops total for both hands).

    1. Thank you for commenting as well...I did try it on the back of my hand and yeah, a little goes a long way! After reading about what it does for some people, I'm pretty excited!