Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Dark Passenger

I'm not sure how many of you readers are Dexter fans, but for the few that might be, YOUR AWESOME!! I only say that because if your a Dexter fan, you totally understood the title of my post. Dexter is a show on Showtime , its about a Blood Spatter Analyst/ Serial Killer named Dexter Morgan. While after seeing a look that inspired me, I decided to take it my own, horrific and twisted route. I named this look after the blood lust Dexter has for being a Vigilante, which he refers to as his "Dark Passenger". So, now that we are all on the same page, check it out:

Framing Hammer
Fake Blood

Nail Polishes used
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Without a Stitch"
Spatter(In this order):
Wet n' Wild in Nail Color "Black Creme"
Wet n' Wild Megalast Nail color in "Haze of Love"
Sinful Colors in "Ruby Ruby"
Top Coat:
PRO-FX Complete 3 Top Coat, Base Coat, Nail Strengthener

In order to create the "spatter" effect, I used a coffee straw, cut into three pieces for the three colors. 

After Applying the base, I used the coffee straws by dipping them into the polish, then blowing them on my nails, one color/nail at a time. For the base and the top coat, I wanted to use something more study as far as quality to retain the look as long as possible (or until I felt like taking it off), but for the spatter colors, I used inexpensive brands because they would be covered with top coat anyways. It took about 20 mins and made a giant mess (both on my hands and on the paper towels I laid down).


Really, I almost threw in the towel half way through because I wasn't up for cleaning up the big mess I was making. This was my first attempt with making a spatter look, and having done it once now, there are a few things I will be doing different next time to make it less messy (like tapping my fingers off and getting smaller straws). I hope you enjoyed this scary look that would be ideal for a gorey halloween look. Make sure to follow my blog! 
Stay doll. Lovelies!


  1. Holy Shit, I Love This Nail Look.
    It Has So Much Character And I Have Never Seen It Done Before Either. Love The Picture You Used To Show It Off As Well. I GIVE IT 5 STARS OUT OF 5 !

  2. thanks brah...der. I love how scary it looks...Thanks for commenting, get some people to follow me Aaron. <3

  3. Love it!!!!! I love blood as much as the next girl but is there any way you could show a pic without the blood?

  4. for sure I can post a pic on the boof of faces without blood...

  5. I love the Dexter reference... you are so cool.