Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kat Von D Palettes & Swatches ::pic heavy::

Back in early October, I purchased two of the Kat Von D palettes. Checking out the palettes available, I made the decision to get the Ludwig palette and True Love palette. Prior to my purchase, I did some YouTube research to kind of see what other youtubers/bloggers thought about them. There were some people that could not praise them enough! After receiving them, I now know why.  When I bought them from Sephora, the True Love palette was on sale for $24 (usually it would have been $34) and I got the Ludwig palette for $34. You will get more then your moneys worth! So how about we get into some pictures!



The Ludwig palette is AWESOME! There is many looks you can create with this one set, and never get bored, EVER! The colors from left to right are as follows:

-Lucifer (rich matte black)
-Orbi (goldish olive green shimmer)
-Dimebag (frosty mint green shimmer)
-Tequila (cream colored shimmer)
-Clay (neutral very light)
-Downtown (copper-ish tan shimmer)
-Baroque (chocolate shimmer)
-Leather (rich matte dark chocolate)

This swatch was done over Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (original). For almost ALL of my swatches, I swatch over a primer. In my opinion, primer should always be a part of a good eyeshadow look. If your going to take the time to apply eyeshadow, at least get the full power and intensity out of the colors. You might also notice you have to use less product when using a good primer/base.


This palette also has the same matte black color Lucifer. But unlike the Ludwig palette, this one has a cream shadow color. The colors for the True Love palette are as follows:
-Peanut (high shine champagne shimmer)
-Benji (coppery gold cream)
-Rebekah (milk chocolate brown shimmer w/ gold glitter)
-Lucifer (rich matte black)
-Cholita (burgundy shimmer)
-Skiba (frosty light purple shimmer w/silver glitter)
-Babe (lavender shimmer with blue notes)
-Missy (white w/blue duo-chrome)

As with the Ludwig palette, these colors were also swatched over a primer, that's just how I roll...

The packaging for these palettes was super cute. They came in accordion style boxes, as pictured. Also, they came wrapped inside the box in the gray steel colored shimmery tissue paper with a KVD sticker holding it closed. The case itself it very well made and sturdy, not to mention that silky, suede feel to the outside. Inside both cases, there is a HUGE mirror (which will be missed from her new cigarette style palette cases). The designs on the outside are also very cute. 
On the back it says (in english and french)

"A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery."
"Le smoky eye vons donne un air mystèrieux."

All the colors are very plush, smooth pressed eyesbadows. The only exception is the color Benji from the True Love palette. Upon watching videos and reading reviews, I heard a lot of people say their Benji dried out and was unusable. I have found this to be untrue or else my luck has turned around. The cream color is a little tricky to use, but it has yet to dry out and remains to be one of my fav colors from the set. It looks gorgeous as a liner of as just a shadow color alone. If I HAD to choose a favorite color from both palettes, my vote would be:

Orbi from the Ludwig palette
- It stands out so wonderfully on my blue eyes and is beautiful worn one its own. The finish is yummy for the lack of a better word.

Peanut from the True Love palette
-It is my go to high-light color. Super plush and shimmery, it makes any look stand out that much more. I love applying it to my inner eye and under my brow.

Overall, I am beyond satisfied with my purchase, the only...ONLY, complaint I think I could ever have is that the applicators that come in the palette are worthless. But then again, who ever uses applicators that come in sets unless its a full size nice brush...NO ONE!

I hope everyone finds this blog post useful, helpful and flat out wonderful.  Thanks for reading!
stay doll...


  1. I have the Ludwig pallet and it is amazing. So many nice smokey eye alternations that you can make. I hope you like them!

  2. Reaaally want to buy one of those!!
    Love Kat hehehe

    I've giving you an award go check my blog =)xxx

  3. Gorgeous. Great swatches and product notes. You have a new follower. Stop by sometime. Xoxo

  4. Wow, I love all the palettes. You got great ones here. :)

  5. Love the Ludwig! I need it! <3 I also love your blog, fucking cute!