Saturday, August 20, 2011

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

OKAY MUA's, I know a lot,  A LOT, of us have tried and loved Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. For most of us, its an instant hit! I know that first time I tried it, I wondered how I ever managed without it! From loving the awesome names UD uses for their products to the cutesy packing, they have been one of my favorite companies thus far. With all this said, when it comes down to the UDEPP, I have not only been let down once, but TWICE by packaging. I bought the original $18 genie bottle-esque p.p., came home and used it right away. Upon my first use, the top where the wand goes in and out snapped clean off, I was UPSET to say the least. Mostly becuase I really had no way to take it back since it had been purchased at an Ulta store 80+ miles from my house. After cooling my jets a tad bit, and coming to a realization that it was not the end of the world. I came up with a little solution to the problem, just pot the remaining product. I took an empty container that once held a sample of my FAVORITE MAC pigment of all time (helium).  After washing my hands and everything I was using, I emptied the bottle as best as I could.

 After doing so, I had really seen how much really fit in that skinny bottle. I had also come to find out, its way easier to gauge how much I really needed to apply. I took the box it had come in, cut the words off and tapped them to the lid.


A few months later, I was at said Ulta again, and had seen a "Professional Size" that came in a squeeze bottle with a lid! I was ECSTATIC! I was sooooo happy to see that Urban Decay came out with a larger size, but also that this packaging might not fail me like with my first bottle. 

I bought the $30 professional size and took it home and added it to my collection of primers in my case and didn't actually try it for a few weeks. When I finally did get down to using it, I removed it from the box and took the lid off and proceeded to squeeze a tiny bit on to my finger. After I did I felt something on the inside of the hand that was squeezing to find out the bottom on the tube blew out, and it was coming out from TWO ENDS!

I could not believe I was having ANOTHER issue with packaging of this product. Just like the first time, I ended up potting another batch of UDEPP.


 Granted I STILL love the product, and still use it religiously, I have just become acustomed to the fact, that maybe this will happen again (hopefully not) but it won't be the end of the world and with the right know how, you can (Just like Tim Gunn says) MAKE IT WORK!


  1. Maybe you should write them a letter telling them that you love the product but you would recommend different packaging. Perhaps they would listen (especially if you got lots of folks to send letters :)

  2. That would be awesome, to be the center of a huge movement to totally rethink an awesome products entire packaging scheme....

    IM scheming!!

    was that really the word I was looking for? Ehh...sounds good!